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Social Club comes from St George’s, the England training to discuss who the boys think could be the dark horses in Euro 2016- FT Arsenal Fan TV, Redmen TV, The Bear Pit TV and football journalist Kristan Heanage

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Cap Aled says:

For me I would say Poland because they had world champions in their group and between the two strikers that they have in there team. The combined goal's scored by both Lewandoski and Milik were 60.

Luben Roftus-Cheek says:

Austria, Portugal, and Ireland

PAtkinsonnn says:

Get Kristan on more, has more football knowledge than the boys combined

David Mitchell says:

Slovakia…….they have the best GK!

Huseyin Ulger says:

Turkey they went far last time

Bert says:

I think the England squad could really do something but roy omg roy I can't see any team winning with that guy at the helm

Kristoffer Paulsson says:

My dark horse would be Austria.

Daniel Gee says:

Kristan needs more time on the social club! absolute football knowledge of a god

Luka 01 says:

Croatia can get to maybe the quater or semi finals if they play by heart and if they show they really want to play

Suiram82 says:

Well, Slovakia sure has a terrible centre back prone to making huge errors.

matthew mulvaney says:

harry Kane is world class

Daniel Russell says:

Portugal will get nowhere near

jaime cook says:

kris is the best pundit on youtube well done on getting him ball street, but those yeezys are a bit suspect.


Pele on kris heneage "wat a guy"

Prabhu charan Chinnam says:

It's not koooka!!! it's Kuch-kaa!!!

JAMA AFC says:

the new guy on the right seems he has good knowledge in terms football speaks sense every time

Joel Mateus says:

Where is paul

Valentino “Franc” says:

I go for Austria too, but Albania can surprise us as well

Phil Coutinho says:


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