8/26/10: Gazing out at a hillside dotted with hulking, furry yaks, it is hard to believe we are still in Vermont.

The three families that formed the Vermont Yak Company have been learning the ancient Tibetan art of yak farming since 2008.

Eva tastes a strip steak to see what the yak-et is all about.

Yakety yak, don’t talk back!


suri alpacas crias playing and runing and shining and jumping in the sun 2011 Germany

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The most notable differences between a llama and an alpaca are their ear shape, fiber type, and size. They come from the same camelid family, and are both related to guanacos, vicunas, and even camels.

They are also used for different purposes; llamas can be trained to pull carts and carry packs that contain heavy loads- up to 1/3 of their body weight! Alpacas cannot do this due to their bone structure, and therefore, their main purpose is fiber production.