Raising Backyard Turkeys

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Backyard chickens and turkeys after an early snowfall. They were all sent to the processor a few days after this and came back with dressed weights of 29lbs, 23lbs, 21lbs, and 19lbs.


Vincent2wice says:

The easiest and fastest way to get your birds to lay eggs, and grow big and meaty,

is Human Interaction along with a proper diet.

Simply talking to the birds and sitting in the pen and petting them a few minutes a day,

will greatly boost their morales and allow for a great tasting bird along with egg


Cherree Morgan says:

Your turkeys are beautiful! I have one of mine that has swollen cheeks. Can you tell me anything about this?

Laurie Clout says:

Not being rude and I'm not telling you carnt but it's a bad idea to not have chickens with turkey's can catch a disease called black head from chickens x

philmatwat says:

Farmer Nate, I am raising BB. I have read 24 weeks.

Blaek135 says:

Music is horrible

Farmer Nate says:

I have only raised heritage turkeys. How long do BB take to finish out? Is it 3 months?

BasserBriguy5 says:

I love the coop! do you have any plans or specs that I could use to build a similar one?


tyler bennett says:

nice coop man and yard dont any of them jump out?

ThePaleoAgrarianist says:

It was interesting to me that you chose broad-breasted white turkeys, many backyard turkey farmers prefer older breeds.

MrBagginsEsq says:

@kwikflikz Very good aswer!

Moby Dave says:

I'm amazed at how many eggs you got from the small amounts of hens u have and even in the short days of winter.

threefortea1 says:

Great egg production! What do you feed them? We only have chickens now, and are trying to get their egg production up! (we mix our own feed) Great video- would like to do turkey next year!

contreeman says:

@ravenkid33 thats funny severed head is always fatal.LOL

dinnycash says:

did you clip there wings

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