How To Call Turkeys: Five Killer Sounds

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The Whitetail Properties crew shares tips on how to call turkeys, using five sounds that are proven successful in the field. Want to learn more turkey-killing tactics? Check out


David Becker says:

Thanks and God bless

Robert Sneed says:

Very good advice on calling in turkeys I could use all the help I can get thanks a million

Elle Chase says:

Do you shoot a Turkey in the head or the chest area?

Outlaw Media says:

you have to love hunting out west. Kansas has got the turkeys! awesome video

Frankie McCallister says:

Tony rice

sandra skebo says:

scared a mother off her nest when skidding logs hydro cut on property
that was at noon and she has not returned at 8pm
anyone know if once spooked will they return to nest (9 eggs in the nest)
and know i am not going back all the time   i can see the nest from the house with binocs

Hunting Lodge says:

great stuff , can't wait to try

combridge1 says:

Hey Joe Ogden. Thanks for that tip. I bagged a beautiful 15 pound Merriam last week using the call you show here. There was another hunter across the canyon calling too, and the birds paid absolutely no attention to him. They came in hard to us and I got the tom. Great video!

Jake Conner says:

what decoy would you recommend to carry in my pack? cant seem to decide and would you always stick a hen out with jake decoy? trying to sharpen my turkey skills a  bit! thanks

WareYurHoodie ► Minecraft & CS:GO ◄ says:

I'ma try it! Can't wait! 2 More weeks!!

thomas mckinzie says:

im gonna try it.thanx!! one month can't wait

Nang Lee says:

^^ of skills Miss Type :D

Nang Lee says:

I tryed those fast cuts and yelps this pass April on opening day for shot gun in Kansas, And man i gotta say it work far better than what it was expecting. My first tom was shot less than 30min after sun rise (SE Kansas). and then the following week less than an hour after Sun Rise (NW Kansas). Thanks so much for your share if skills. 

Josh Doberstein says:

only if i knew some of this stuff before i went turkey hunting today

FADE2BLACK731 says:

Belly crawling up towards that tom. Brings backs some memories…lol Too bad I could not get mine to come in closer. Did not even took the chance. But got him afew days later with a few yelps and a gobble on 2 different calls. Btw, great video.

Moon walker says:

Cant wait to try your calling technique. A couple more months cant wait.

Kernowvermincontrol says:

Im in the uk, never been turkey hunting but loving your vids! I now want to come to america to have a go at popping a turkey :)
Keep em comming!

Deer Mecca Outdoor Skills and Traditions says:

Great video guys! Cant wait to watch some turkeys do the flippy flop this year

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