Fanning Turkeys Up Close (6, 8, and 15 yards)

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Watch Josh, Marty, and David Honeycutt fan in three gobblers. Watch them kill birds at 6, 8, and 15 yards. DISCLAIMER: Be responsible. Don’t fan on public land. Don’t fan on private land where others hunt. Don’t fan in timber. Don’t fan in tall grass. Notify landowners when fanning. Use common sense.


savvas kynigos says:

ρε ουστ μαλακεσ αχρηστοι

Batınay Ünsel says:

Türkiye dedi laaan

Harry Pouncey says:

I've never done a fan hunt. But after this last poor hunting season I'm willing to try next year. Awesome tactics illustrated.

TRUE Outdoors says:

Awesome!!! I gotta try that!

Aaron S says:

2nd gobbler had such a nice tail fan…before the shot

Sudden S says:

wow…way to cheat. an experienced hunter wouldn't need to do that.

Lead Poison says:

great footage

InAcTiVe FISH says:

notification Squad

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