Minecraft | ALPACA APOCALYPSE MOD Showcase! (Llamas with Hats Mod, Alpacas, Carl)

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Minecraft has never seen a Mod like this, the Llama Mod! The Mod allows you and everyone else to become Llama’s that feed on dead bodies to survive! Cute and terrifying!

▬▬► MOD SHOWCASE PLAYLIST: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-5HxSk3GTHs&index=1&list=PLMB8MGbYATThLlTm2T5SLedGJ5gnEMa1r
► MOD DOWNLOAD: http://test.voidswrath.com/mods/1-7-10-alpaca-evolution-you-are-the-alpaca-alpaca-players/
● Modders Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/FiskFilleAR
● Mod Packs: http://voidswrath.com/
● T-Shirt Line: https://voidcollection.myshopify.com/
● Twitter: https://twitter.com/AtlanticCraft

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Twitch Livestream: http://www.twitch.tv/atlanticcraft

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Lilymay Barnett says:

ya made a year tomorrow

The NightMare says:

What did I just see….

Celia “Llama” Ackerman says:

Perfect mod for my Mc username. Demonic_Llama

The Alpaca Show says:

very gud but could use more alpaca

Hambone Hero says:

._. I'm suddenly scarrd of lamas

montell nickson says:

what is the prison suver

Iris Dejongh says:

it's cute but deadly

Velocirasputin says:

Finally a mod for alpacas

Sophia Smith says:

I want to be one 

Madison Irish says:

Omg lol that's so weird

Kevin “Kytahl” Butler says:

moose alpaca moose moose alpaca unicorn moose alpaca moose moose alpaca unicorn baby turtal. did you like my song?

Eleni Thilda says:

Acctually my friend trick me
He say you be at the moon if
You get in this mesion
I go in i a alpaca.

Rainbow Trout says:


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