How To Decoy For Turkey Hunting, Plus Bow Hunting Big Nebraska Turkeys 2016! (#332)

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Turkey hunting with the team! In this video: a bow hunt of a HUGE flock of Nebraska gobblers. Then, decoying tips for turkey hunting because different turkey hunting scenarios require different decoying strategies. Learn how we use decoys to get longbeards into the kill zone. Conventional and unconventional methods revealed.

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Products shown in this video:
Montana Decoys:
Bloodsport Arrows:
G5 Prime Bows:
Hook’s Custom Calls:
Ol’ Tom Camo:
Redneck Hay Bale Blinds:
Morrell Targets:

Comments says:

Holy cow! Did you guys see the flock sizes in Nebraska! We love turkey hunting in Nebraska! Have you ever spring turkey hunted flocks of this size? -Matt´╗┐

Arduous Ant says:

This is an awesome video, ­čśÇ Im definatly subbing, i will try to visit your channel regularly from now on ­čśÇ if you can do visit my channel! That would be awesome!! ­čśÇ Until next time and keep up the great videos! Peace´╗┐

fish master360 says:

this is what happened on my youth day hunt we went to the spot at 4 in the morning they went to the other field then we got out of there as quiet as possible then we went back at 3 in the afternoon waited till 7 when they where working there way to the roost then the tom gave me a chance and I shot him´╗┐

grant nagel says:

I wish I could hunt over a food plot like you guys, I inly hunt over a hay field or crp, we would have one but just don't have the time because my father is a full time gunsmith and a farmer on the weekend. I would do it my self but I'm only 13 lol.´╗┐

Lee Brewer says:

I can see where handicapped people would benefit from all of the gear/blinds/decoys etc. But why do healthy people need all this stuff? Did the American Indians go to Bass Pro also?

Very, very unimpressed with all the commercialism brought into something so much more rewarding when the city is left behind a hunter approaches animals on their terms.´╗┐

nobodyepic555 says: please help me reach my goal´╗┐

Crystal Blackwing says:

nice shot!´╗┐

Kevin S says:

I just started turkey hunting how do you know if it's a Jake´╗┐

David Girgis says:

Was that a bearded hen at 1:50 in front of the toms?´╗┐

Thomas Szyszka says:

Awsome job´╗┐

acmund says:

Did that young buck not shed his antlers this year? Interesting.´╗┐

Hunter Young says:


Dylan Boyd says:

I just thought you could purr to get the hen over to you to bring the Tom's I don't mean to be negative impact just want you explain things In a video´╗┐

Dylan Boyd says:

and pls tell why you didn't do that in a video´╗┐

Dylan Boyd says:

sorry spell check *couldn't *´╗┐

Dylan Boyd says:

hey cooking you put out papa strut and use a gobble call to gringo the in instead of a jake´╗┐

Sunrise Hunter says:

Where were you in southern Nebraska?´╗┐

Kiel Barkdull says:

Absolutely amazing video! Had my blood pumping! Unfortunately, I won't be able to turkey hunt in Indiana or Kentucky this spring, but for good reason! My son will be born April 22! Can't wait to raise him with your videos! God bless you all and happy hunting!´╗┐

bootyhuntersxc says:

Why do you guys think that buck still had horns? I feel it's strange to see that in March. I dunno, just thought it was odd´╗┐

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