Australian Water Buffalo Hunt

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Join High Country Safaris as they hunt down the Australian Water Buffalo in the Northern Territory. More information here:


Konrad Zietzmann says:

Hahahaha!!! U are shit at shooting! Wow!!!

suraj singh says:

Fucking bastards…killing innocent animals just for fun……may you rot with the worst disease ……….fucking bunch cowards

Bob Fakegooglename says:

please get your hunting skill level higher or stop pretending your better than you are .
try proper gear selection and learn about shot placement so you are not putting yourself and your guard in danger .

Clinton Walsh says:

great video guys.. I'm from QLD Australia and love hunting with the bow and rifle.. manly hunt wild pigs queensland red deer foxes and hares.. all great fun.. thanks again..

TheKibiriti says:

Not the wildest buffalo I've seen..!

Nicks tricks mix says:

I love it nice

joseph combes says:

bow hunting water buffalo sounds…sketchy.

Arnel Vidar says:

fuck you hunters why you kill this animals if i see you i will cut your head off fuck you all christian

A Pepsi Cola Can says:

That rifle defiantly looks like it has seen better days. Pretty pitted on the left side of the receiver.

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