Deadly Australians Water

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Thomas Farmer says:

The silliest report I have ever heard.  Buffaloes if anything enhance every wetland as their manures are organic dung for wildlife, soil, etc, thus IMPROVING the environment and soils.  Whoever researched and produced this should be sacked for inaccuracy and falsification of facts.  I believe this report smells of funding from a cattle & farming corporation?

58landman says:

Wonder if anyone has ever tried to cross these water buff with african cape buff?   Probably be a short tempered monster if it could be done.

sushanalone says:

Its more likely they are competing with herders for grassland than anything else.

Payhole Everdouche says:

Where's the Water Buffalo lobby's documentary film on how much Bipedal Apes aka Homo Sapiens(NOT) Suck and on a much more vast scale than a million Water Buffalos. Just bring in some predators to take care of them. I'm not talking about Gun Crazy Nut Jobs.
Maybe some Lions and Hyenas from Kenya…or something similar.

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