Farmers herd over 1,300 geese on highway causing traffic snarls

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Farmers in Hubei Province herded over 1,300 geese across the Songxi River Bridge along the Erguang highway on Thursday, causing the traffic to slow down. Take a look.

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Choco98's Channel says:

Meanwhile in China

mychannel says:

Why are they letting those geese on the road? The road is for cars. If they want to put the geese on a road they should put them in a truck or something.

mahmoud alam says:

ما شاء الله شطار الصين bravo

Захар Халиев says:

они летать не умеют?

Александр Троцкий says:

Обязательно через мост по трассе перегонять гусей?

Ahmed El says:

the police car sound like a horrible techno music in the club

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