Oliver Heldens & Chocolate Puma – Space Sheep (Official Music Video)

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Oliver Heldens & Chocolate Puma – Space Sheep is OUT NOW on Heldeep Records! Listen / download at your favorite service: https://heldeep.lnk.to/SpaceSheep

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For his newest gem, the mighty Oliver Heldens teams up with the legendary Chocolate Puma. Space Sheep combines a melodic beat with vintage Arcade game sounds taking the crowd on a journey through the Galaxy, pumping them up from one level to another. This track is a winner!

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Produced by UBERcut & Animate the World


fotospymichael says:

This reminds me cyriak

Alejandro JS says:

Nice nice nice nice nice :::::LIKE::::

Jim Espera says:

this sheep is racist

Jim Espera says:

this sheep is racist

pp u says:

holyyysheep i just see?

Dodge says:


Carolina Perez says:

wtf This is the weirdest video I've seen
osea que se fumo la oveja
seguro era mariguana ese pasto

David B Adrianzen says:

oliver lo es todoooooo

Gamer In A Trance says:

I think the sheep are made out of cauliflower…

Gino Paolo Rodriguez Gonzales says:

Space Cats vs. Space Sheep
#TeamUmmet vs. #TeamOliver
Civil Bass War

usagi- tsukino says:

buena música

HectorGamer says:

Holy Sheep Is Awesome

floriangetten says:

Great job of Oliver Heldens & Chocolate Puma! perfect track!

XxCookie WinnerxX says:

space cats now space sheep

Georgi Angelov says:

Sheep it 😀 😀 :D

David B Adrianzen says:

oliver heldens lo es todoooo!!!!!

David B Adrianzen says:

oliver heldens lo es todoooo!!!!!

Sarah says:

it's so weird i like it

Trust Android says:


ObzTicle says:

When Oliver uploaded that "When you think you made a sick drop video" I knew there would be a new song out soon :P

Vredd Farela says:

Olivero heldensio un grande para el future house

David Lopes says:

fodendamente espetacular

Salamander vi Britannia says:

Holy sheep, this was so fun. And also a excellent track!

JoakoFX says:

La canción es buenísima :) pero el vídeo WTF ! :V

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