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Whether you’re raising chickens in your backyard or running a larger scale operation, GRIT Magazine Editor-in-Chief, Hank Will, explains the basics of what you should know to succesfully raise backyard chickens from brooder to coop. Backyard chickens not only provide your family with fresh meat and eggs, but they can help reduce the number of common pests around the farm.

More on Backyard Chickens from MOTHER EARTH NEWS: Any brooder must be designed to minimize stress, since stress drastically reduces the chicks’ immunity, making them susceptible to diseases they might otherwise resist. Stress is minimized by making sure the chicks are neither too cool nor too warm; have a clean, safe environment; are provided sufficient space for their numbers; and can always find feed and water.

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rgonnering says:

What temperatures can chickens tolerate, after they are 1 month old? Do they need a heated chicken coop?

Hambone Dodge says:

Got my first flock since I was a child. I really enjoy them, and I like watching chicken videos, My wife and kids and I live in NE Oklahoma.

Roman G says:

Are you ever clean nest box in this coop?

Muizz Qazi says:

Where you get your stuff?

SpicyAl3000 says:

great vid, thanks!

hudsontoo1212 says:

Man, that helped me out so much. Great video

Jeff Bowers says:

best basic info video on YouTube hands down. just what I was looking for!! great job!

bruce don says:

After the eggs are laid how long do you have to cool them if you want to sell them as fresh eggs? Thanks for the video it was very helpful.

Suzie O'Connor says:

great information. thanks

Mark Edwards says:

One of the best chicken rearing videos out there. Lots and lots of really useful advice from people who are clearly enormously experienced. Sharing my philosophy – if you want healthy, happy chickens, and beautiful eggs – it's easy, create chicken paradise. Thanks for taking the trouble to make this great presentation Hank and Madge.

Julie Cramer says:

I'll bet those hens didn't appreciate being called "motley".

shanams1 says:

This is amazing. I have wanted chickens for years and now I live in a place where I can have some. This coming spring we are going to be getting some and I cant wait. Your video has made me realize I have been way over complicating my chicken coop. I think your hoop house for them will be perfect. Thank you so much.

Dean Young says:

thank u so much for the info

Katie Grazier says:

Loved your video. I am hoping to have a few egg layers next year and doing my research now. Thanks for posting a great video.

Tom Blacklock says:

I V GOT so you have gave me an idear

eastcoastroadrunner says:

We would like to find someone like you in our area to buy eggs and chickens from. You are very knowledgeable, experienced and provide your chickens with a good life until slaughter. Awesome video. Thanks for posting.

Jamie Pene-Gestro says:

What a great video. I am 110% confident I can go out and run my own Chicken Farm. Many thanks for the wisdom my friend.

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