Mammoth Sex, Homemade Black Holes & Human Goats: The Dispatch #25

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Just because you don’t need to know about these stories, doesn’t mean they won’t interest you. Join for The Dispatch, where we bring you the Internet’s weirdest and coolest stories! This week we’re taking a look at a suspected goat/human hybrid, mammoth mating routines and creating black holes in labs! Suggestion Tool►► Subscribe►► Facebook►► Twitter►► Instagram►► Channel Page►►

Script Written by Jesse Polowin & Adrian Sousa

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Marstuber says:

I was eating then i was vomiting thanks to mojo with their human goat

Tommy Thompson says:

It's stupendous W a s s u p ,! snotty scrub $ .

Mnkwa K says:

Was anyone else thinking, "KILL IT WITH FIRE" or rather since it is already dead, "BURN IT WITH FIRE," or is it just me?

Tokyo Bandz says:

There was a similar human/goat story a few years back too… Crazy

Andre Burton says:



skullface S says:

yeah big fat hairy baby child with one word willie

skullface S says:

Joe porkleyhas no friends

Caleb Franklin says:

Wait is it possible for humans to create hybrids I thought the sperm would just be instantly rejected

Twitch Chronicle says:

came here because of chewbacca baby, because its from my country!

p.s.: The baby died bcs the mother horn'd the baby, and the mother have to be killed (in islamic way) and the meat can't be eaten

M C says:

skippable until 0:52

Dominik Laniohan says:

That goat human looks like a Wookie

Blazer_ Punisher says:

Why theres no human goat here called stephen curry?


so a female goat was raped by a male human? That's nasty

Hawt Potato says:

It's not a black hole, if it takes in sound and not light.

Pyrrhic Victory says:

1:37 got im….


Who the fuck said they can play around with black holes?

Haze Boa says:

I loved the soundgarden reference!

xTae Yang says:

who thinked its hah deez nuts xd

Greyard white says:

90% seemed to have come because of the goat.
10% seemed to have come because of the Black Hole.
Has seriously no one come because of the Mammoth Sex?

super chef says:

who fucked a goat?

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