Goats Can’t Wait to Eat From a Girl’s Hand

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Two goats can’t wait to eat food from a little girl’s hand.

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razorIaIa says:

when ppl gets hurt, noone gives a shit. when animals get even emotionally scared, everyone loses their shit.

MJPK13 says:

@Meri Holland The thing is I'm employed at a petting zoo and I know that aggressive goats get slaughtered. And one of the things that gets them aggressive is strangers feeding them, when they just should chew on grass and get fed by the proper caretakers, cause they then expect to get fed every time a stranger walks by, besides that headbutts hurt a lot from goats and for little kids they could end up hospitalized with broken bones if lucky. So really it is you who should shut up. And wrong there have been cases where goats have killed people.

Syarifah Ram says:

Her father was just cool with that..! XD

Cara G says:

From an article I read about this video:
"In the goat’s defense, the girl’s hair does look a bit like delicious hay."
That is SO fucked up,,,but funny as hell lol

LiveForPanda says:

When I feed animals by hand, I always worry about them biting my hand off, lol

Karen Valdes says:

minche cabia

TheDivaFlava says:

The other goat on the left, snatched some hair out of her scalp. Poor baby

Thomas Ashraf says:

Awwww she wont like goats for the rest of her life now lol xD

Kreutz says:

From this video I will learn not to do this with future kids.

LetsPlayGoesMobile says:

Lol the goat was like," hey you are gonna give it all to him- bites hair- I want some

Animal Lover 101 says:

poor kid, oh well


Geaper says:

ISIS paradise

MJPK13 says:

So stupid. That is only a dumb idea, goats can bite pretty hard and also goats can become more aggressive towards humans if handfed as they don't go back to their natural way of eating and expect to be fed from the hands

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