Funny Goats – A Funny Goat Videos Compilation || NEW HD

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A goat is one of the cutest and funniest animals. I hope you like these funny goats playing, yelling, making noises. Do check out these funny goat videos from this funny goats compilation.


reaj2010 says:

playful creatures

6Twisted says:

1:56 Original video anyone?

100 Hobbies says:

1:50 me trying to fight

Betty Guest says:

Sooooo Cute! ♡

Jaime Uh says:

Im watching ISIS porn videos

Queen Tortilla Chip says:

they're like dogs if dogs had horns

powerofanime1 says:

1:56 "Awww, tiniest goat ever."
2:382:54 "I aint afraid of no goats."

Koala Creeper says:


Stephen Hartery says:

Goats are mad bastards !!

KPchick says:

so many Rob Swires

Jorg Fam says:

so funny

skulling Rose says:

goats are AWESOME

Theswedishgamer TV says:


Emma Litzan says:

Hi :-) the vid was cute

kansas66701 says:

Chips are too salty and greasy! Will make poor goat fat and thirsty! And will get terrible pimples! Especially blackhedz doe!

junoca says:

yes avant de partir à l'ecole

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