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I got a voucher for a free Graze Box so I thought I would take a look.
Let’s get our muckbang on.

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TheInnocence111 says:

Marzipan is gross, but honestly I've never really associated it with plain whole almonds…almonds taste fine.

Jonathan Gertig says:


Peter Warner says:

I'm pretty sure they have meat subscription boxes, but I bet you have to cook it yourself

Samzski says:

Marzipan? what the heck is mazipan.. TIL… thx man lol

Anthony Hinojosa says:

Don't know what made you post this video. But I'm happy you did it. I found it interesting to watch. Can't wait for the next one.

CheeseNinjaMaster says:

I want more muckbangs!


Give me Dark Souls 3, you mug. :D

Tod Barnbrook says:

I just watched a grown man eat 4 separate snacks for over 17 minutes, and I'm not even ashamed.

Hwd405 says:

"No it wasn't a banano, 'cause I don't even like bananos." (I laughed way too loudly at this reference haha, caught me off guard)

Robin Dude says:

That looks really neat

I hate cheese though so that one looked gross >.<

Wasthereonce says:

Aw, we need that 360 cam

Nathan Fierro (Daetrin) says:

If you ever have the chance you ought to try the meat version of this: Carnivore Club

MaxDG1013 says:

7:58 did your cat push your chair in, or was its paw on the arm a coincidence?

Smilin'SK says:

Your favorite of the bunch reminded you of blocks of hamster food, lul. Good thing this isn't a sponsored video, they'd be so mad.

MrAlibimon says:

marzipan is so bad and your definitely ment to eat it because you get it in the middle of fruit logs

MrCamradude says:

Are flapjacks in the UK like granola bars? In the US flapjack means a pancake.

Darkdayzz says:

But Millbs, you deserve the sponsors!

Dwayne the 'Rock-Hard' Johnson says:

i was going to say how could you not like the cashews, but you lifted them up, and goodness that is caked in cheese

DeckT_ says:

havent you EVER had almonds before ?? I laughed so hard when you were thinking to remove the shell LOLLL its already out of the shell xD

e20in00 says:

I enjoyed this video, also come June I'll probably subscribe to you on twitch as I'll have money, maybe if you do more of these , have their logo in one of the black spaces and your logo in the other .

Jeez You Scared Me! says:

I ordered a few of these before but found there's too much stuff in them that I didn't like, I'd end up only properly eating one of the four snacks. It's also not exactly good value for money. If they ever bring out a super unhealthy junk food version with mini cakes and cookies then i'd be all over it.

Dhoulmegus says:

Watching this in theater mode is weird.

BanakaiGames says:

Millbee has just never had almonds before?

Reggiesicle says:

Lol I love how the US one is just a fat person version of the UK one. Instead of 4 snacks, you get 8 xD

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