Rescuing Wild Horses

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To sign the petition:

The Cloud Foundation:

The documentary’s on wild horses:

PLEASE help rescue wild horses and domesticated horses in need! All of your support is extremely appreciated!


Josie Wyatt says:

I put the petition up on my Facebook group that has over 60,000 members. I know that's going to give a lot of signs also. Thanks for bringing this to light!

Simply Equine 27 says:

I don't know how people can be so heartless :'(

Laci Cardova says:

These wild mustangs NEED to be rounded up. In a recent round up, 12 horses died and that was they were so malnourished because people like you were stopping them from rounding them up. The horses never are sent to slaughter. People have to got through a long series of applications in order to be approved to adopt. If they aren't adopted or have a 5-strike rule (picked out but then returned), they are sent to long term holding which gives them care and food which they need. Every hater of the BLM needs to get their facts straight before they do hate on them. I have 2 mustangs of my own and love them to death. The BLM is a great organization.

MDH Eventing says:

Thank you so much for making this video Raleigh! I'm getting my parents to sign! I might get some of my teachers and friends parents to do it. You know what, Fuck those people, I wish the people got pushed off the cliff.

Grace O'Connell says:

Congrats! I'm glad some people care about horses! Kids on my bus say horses suck! But I say well you suck and horses are better than you will ever be!

Hulk Mania says:

First !!! START WITH SAVING the poor Rodeo Horses, so painful to see them slowly been brutally tortured every single day and night, nonstop. Hate those who turtera animal for money's sake.

dolphingirl 18 says:

wow,i had already watched clouds legacy.i love it

gracie craig says:

i sighed it

JKRequestrian says:

thank god for these tourists who report this abuse…….❤

Holly and Vanilla says:

… I feel like every "educational" video you make is just you talking out of your ass when you really have absolutely no authority to be explaining the subject matter to anyone. Horse racing, tennessee walking horses, rescues, horse fighting (which you admitted to having almost no knowledge of), mustangs… It's weird that you have so much experience with all these horse topics when you're only, what? Sixteen? And by weird I mean absolutely insane and illogical. Please stop. You're feeding information with absolutely little to no supporting evidence to children and people have no idea that you don't do your research.

Equestrian Jess says:

Such an inspiring video!! Love you so much!!

Ella G. says:

also I'm going to start helping out at a rescue center on my spare time

Ella G. says:

omg that was harsh to push your off a cliff!

Sadie Walsh says:

Hey Raleigh!
I just got offered a summer job exercising my grandparents' neighbour's horses. The woman who owns them is too old/sick to ride them and told me they were well-broke and nice western pleasure horses. It's a mare and possibly her foal (not sure how old he is but he is said to be well-broke). I've got about 5-6 years of horsemanship experience/lessons under my belt but this is still my first job working with horses so I want to do a good job; especially since I don't have my own horse, I'm hoping that doing this job well will show my mom that I'm worthy of owning a horse and I have the experience for it (she's never ridden but is still very quick to judge me on it). I'm running groundwork ideas and in-the-saddle exercises through my head constantly but still I have a few questions that I'm really hoping you (or anyone else who's read this far) could answer!

1) Types of groundwork that you use when training a new horse?
2) Favourite exercises to use when riding a horse you don't have experience with?
3) Questions I should be asking about the horses when I go to meet the lady this weekend?
4) What are some of the characteristics in the horses I should be looking for to help me to decide whether I can or can't handle this horse?

Also if you could recommend a video I could watch to help me answer a few of my questions or to give me demonstrations would be great!

Thank you so much!

Rea Golt says:

can you do a video on the pros and cons on stallion v.s gelding?

makayla randazzo says:

i signed the petition

Galloping Glory says:

Just signed the petition, and I feel like a better person.

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