Racing Water Buffaloes in the Philippines

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The first week we rode them, the next week we raced them. It’s pretty tricky to get them to go fast, but that’s the funny part!
music: Texas Radio Fish


Sean V says:

i just want to hug one, a water buffalo

tiger balm says:

girl in the black top is sexy

Grace Cejo says:

you girls made me laugh….good to see that you're enjoying it..

Mailyn Se San says:


yldarb lee says:

you ladies realy rocks and i was amaze on what you do,..the best video i've watch that made my day..:) awesome

David Jackass says:

I wanna buy one to do this

DarkR0ze says:

Did you ladies know that these Carabaos (water buffalos) are endangered pseicies in Philippines?
I hope this will help with conservation of these animals

RVboy Junior says:

This looks like so much FUN!!! You girls are awesome! and the carabaos too! LOL

MrRadwint19 says:

those carabaos are strong

Lati tude says:

that's awesome experience!

Michael Dev says:

Damnit this girls put me to shame
When i tried that i fell off the damn thing
And hurts like hell lol

Aiku Limosnero says:

i can think how painful the blisters they get on their buts! hahahaa…

roni mndza says:

those buffaloes are too tame.. u could get swagged by those..

Kaboom Coba says:

That was awesome! You white girls on water buffalos having fun. Saka magunda lahat kayo.

Schitts Creek says:

Tanks on legs.

Ragu Spaghetti Sauce says:

Wow !     I  wonder   from  which  part  of  the  Philippines  was  that  taken ?        I'm   from  the  Philippines myself  but    I  now   live  here  in  BC  Canada  for  thirty  four  years  and  I  haven't   been back home. 

KC A says:

Where in the Philippines was that?

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