BudgetBunny: 20 Fun Facts About Rabbits

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Brought to you by BudgetBunny.ca!

This video features 20 facts about rabbits!

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siwagorn Soper says:

my rabbit hates hay

Cheneal Stewart says:

very imformitive :)

EverythingBunnies says:

what happpend to rockey

Lost Storm says:

….10, is rabbits cant throw up then what the hell is green that I have to clean up after I give her a leaf or anything

Cyrus mirabi says:

@budgetbunny Did you give that bunny away or something because it has the excact same features and everything as mine @ 2:20

HeeHaw 101 says:

Aww i love your videos!!!! Your video editor is amazing!

Bengay Fa Shop Dop says:

I disagree with "fact" number 11. Using lava flooring is worse for your rabbits than wire mesh.

Ihavecupcake877 says:

Willow looks like my rabbit lol

Rando says:

Has anyone heard of the YouTube Channel, "My BB Bunny"?

amir sadar says:

How many kit did she gave burth at a time??
Or in her whole life??
Need help

Zara Fatima says:

rabbits can live up to 12 years

onyi oji says:

[3:03] ( bunny sees hay ) if i could just get that hay… ( climbs up and sees owner with a camra) hi.. i-i can explan pls. dont put me on youtube

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