Sheep In The Island 1 [HD]

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Sheep In The Island 1: The first episode included in the YP-P2


Jose huerta Rodriguez says:

oveja estupida

TROST says:


Emtastisch says:

Poor frog :(

jack potter says:

Awesome xD

Aliearia Starr says:

Sheeple. First. Kill and enslave all living creatures you see. Second. Plant flag. Three. become extinct. The end

ToKyo WeeKEndS says:

The Sheeps voice is cute

Anime scoop says:


Emireth Martinez Placido says:

esa borrega me cae gorda

AndDew says:

These comments are completely cancerous.

frank t says:

The plot of Sheep in the Island was lifted from the Wolf Attack episode of The Swiss Family Robinson: Flone of the Mysterious Island (家族ロビンソン漂流記 ふしぎな島のフローネ Kazoku Robinson Hyōryūki Fushigi na Shima no Furōne. It is available on Prime:

Popcorn Joy says:

the sheep is so creepy!

Prinzkorv says:

Kill the fluffy f*cker right now!

‫אלה אבן טוב‬‎ says:

מיכל אטרה אבן טוב

‫אלה אבן טוב‬‎ says:

מיכל אבן טוב

CatGaming 320 says:

when was the last time a sheep ate chicken

stefanos2691 says:

Would that be North Koreastatic? You do not show this to children, do you?

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