Small scale pig farming

Pig farming is a field that can provide you with satisfaction and a hefty amount of money if you do it right. Whether you want to keep pigs as pets (Contrary to popular belief, they make fascinating ones!) or sell them out for their meat, may this article serve as a guide for you by giving you clear steps in raising pigs.

The fundamental element of raising pigs lies on the construction of a spacious and properly- aired pig pen. Start by searching for the most ideal place in your farm for the setting up of a pig pen. A flat area is required, and it ought to be clear of mud and stagnant water that can attract insects that can bite your pets. How large your area is relies on the amount of pigs you would like to first of all take care of.

Research intensively for good quality hog wire, fencing hardware and concrete slabs to make the pig pen as snug as it will be able to be. Take note even so that fences ought to be buried six inches into the earth before attaching the hog wire for sturdiness. Make sure that the pigs cannot stand upright on these slabs or skip it. Pigs are curious animals, and they tend to roam around too much. Concrete slabs are needed to ensure proper flooring and easy cleanup. Hay and straw ought to be abundant in the pen, as it absorbs the odors when pigs relieve themselves. Contrary to popular belief, pigs are prepared individuals, so designate specific regions for them to play, feed, relieve themselves and sleep on to.

Construct a roof for this pig pen. Pig farmers prefer making pig houses instead, so it can shelter your pigs from harsh weather. Pigs are sensitive animals that are easily distracted believe it or not even by the faint thunder of flash of lightning.

Upon building your pig pen, it's time to search and select carefully for your pets. Aim to get those of the highest quality. Contact a seller as he is the one in position to discern the high quality from the mediocre breeds. Also, he is knowledgeable as to what breed you should take care of dependent on your main purpose for raising pigs.

Now that you have opted the greatest quality of pigs, taking care of them will be easy. Remember the basics of moderating their intake and properly cleaning their pens to keep them healthy, and you can't go wrong on this venture.

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