Raising swine for beginners

Raising a pig is not tough if you investigate the right way of performing it and prepare in advance before you bring your first pig home. There are three important aspects to raising a pig - housing, nutrition and handling.

If you raise your pig outdoors, you must build shelter for it. It does not have to be fancy as long as it's sturdy. You can construct a pyramid-shaped shed out of some used plyboard and sheet roofing, or you can put money into a commercially constructed shelter. What's important is that it has tons of clean straw for bedding, which you ought to shift on a regular basis, is open at one end to give ventilation, and elevated slightly off the land to keep it dry inside. You can likewise build it on skids so it can be moved easily to avoid it from getting muddy inside. And make sure that it is placed in a shady spot to keep it from getting hot. You can likewise dig a small water hole for the pig to cool off in; just refill it daily. Finally, don't forget a water trough, since pigs need to drink a lot of clean water to keep healthy. Change the drinking water on a day-to-day basis.

Raising a pig means feeding it properly. While you can feed the pig table scraps and spoiled produce, this won't raise a nutritious pig with good-tasting meat. You ought to find the appropriate feed for the pig - preferably something made of natural ingredients that have no antibiotics or other additives. Provide the pig with tons of fresh greens since this will cause it to gain weight more rapidly. You in addition need to supplement its feed with high protein grain, since pigs cannot eat meat. Also, make sure that the pig gets tons of exercise so its meat will be leaner and have less fat.

The final facet of raising a pig is proper handling. Pigs are intelligent, friendly creatures that likewise lust attention, so make sure you spend some time playing with them. And when you're taking them out of their pens, particularly if you're going to butcher them, handle them gently, since they are often scared to death by over-stimulation, and their meat will no longer be good for eating.

Raising a pig can be extremely rewarding, particularly since you are ensuring a meat supply for your loved ones that is more healthy than what you can buy at the market as it has no chemicals and drug residue.

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