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Cattle will bring large or small profits in proportion to the care they receive. If properly housed, properly fed, properly bred, and properly protected against disease they will fully repay the little extra attention required. Strive intelligently to secure the greatest possible regular production.

Keep a sharp lookout for unfavorable symptoms and be prompt in finding a cause for poor condition and remedying it. Cattle kept in perfect health are the least expense, least trouble, and the greatest profit-earners.

You do not need to be a veterinarian to know that the health of a cow depends on a good healthy appetite with complete digestion and perfect assimilation of the daily ration. That is just plain common sense. No cow which is not a big eater can be profitable. But appetite is not of itself sufficient to make a cow a money maker. There must be sound digestion.

Once establish and maintain good digestion, food performs its natural functions. Bodily waste is repaired. Strength and growth are noticed and the cow gives the utmost possible amount of milk. See then, that your cows have hearty, healthy appetites and good digestion. Good digestion does not always follow a large appetite. A cow giving only a few quarts of milk a day will often eat as much as one giving gallons. She requires the same amount of care and attention.

The trouble is that she does not have good digestion to convert food into milk. Of course there are cows which will always be small milkers, but there are many more cows which can be made to give substantial, paying increase of milk production if proper attention is given them. Perhaps there are such cows in your herd. Without your even realizing it, they are out of condition. A little help and they would give enough more milk to pay you a satisfactory profit.


How To Raise Cattle

How To Raise Cattle EbookSome people see rancher and cowboy lifestyles in the romanticized hue - what with tens and dozens of movies created around ranch life. Even so, while ranch life can get rather picturesque, it is still a business.

And everybody knows every business needs real work. So before you begin finding out ways about how to raise cattle for a profit, you have to look at a few things.

A lot of individuals see the prospective of cattle farming and have sought out several instruction materials, guides, and books on raising cattle for novices in order to efficiently earn profit.

If you are one of the cattle enthusiasts or cattle farmers who is planning on starting his or her own farm business, it is necessary that you possess a very apparent goal as to how much you are ready to spend or invest, what kind of cattle you are bound to grow, what your accessible sources are and how you can produce them, and such.

Prior to anything else, nonetheless, it is essential to be alert to what cattle breed you may be growing before learning how to really raise the cattle.

In detail you will learn:  

 How To Get Started With Cattle Farming

 The Different Types of Cattle

 The Essential Indications of Selecting Dairy Females

 Determining The Correct Form of Beef Cattle

 Alternative Ways To Farming Cattle

 What and How to Proper Feed Your Cattle (Beef and Milk Cattle)

 When and How to Milk Your Cattle

 How To Raise and Care for Calves

 Cattle Housing - Ideal Shelter For Your Cattle

 Setting Up The Right Cattle Fencing

 How To Manage Cattle Behavior

 Cattle Diseases: Symptoms, Causes and Treatment

 How To Raise Cattle for Profits


It's All About Cattle Farming

This ebook covers all you need to know about cattle farming. Cattle is generally divided into dairy, beef and dual purpose breeds. The names signify the advantages claimed for them.

In the dairy breeds, the Holstein, Jersey, Guernseys, French Canadian and Ayrshire are leaders. Shorthorns, Herefords, Polled Durhams are the best-known beef breeds. While among the dual purpose breeds, Milking Shorthorns, Red Polls, Brown Swiss and Devons have many admirers.

In males selected for breeding, the evidences of masculinity should be markedly present. These include increased strength as shown in the head, neck, breast, shoulders, back and limbs.

The advantage of having pure blood stock over "scrubs" is apparent. For those, however, who want  something better than scrubstock and cannot pay the high price which pure blood commands, the ownership of grade cattle offers a satisfactory solution of the problem. So it is very important as a cattle owner that your know which type of cattle is right for certain conditions.


Many People Don't Know Where To Start!

Don't be one of those people who spend a fortune in getting guidance. This ebook will not only save you time on doing the research needed, but also in your pocketbook.

This guide won't leave you hanging not knowing what to do next. Its a step by step cattle farming plan that spells out your next step in plain English, you won't need to look for other information or join any other expensive cattle farming training course once you have this guide in your disposal.


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"Only Guide To Healthy Cattle Farming"

Hi Gerard,

This is some feedback on why your ebook is so engaging. I had read another book on raising cattle and yours came out top of the two. After reading through it I've finally gotten the directions I was looking for in raising cattle in my farm yard.

I've now prepared the cattle ranch and the housing is in construction. So far its smooth sailing and I can't wait to get started. Cattle faming has always been in my taughts for some years now and I'm so proud I've taken these steps to making my dream come true.

So this is a thank you for this information and guidelines. I highly recommend this ebook to anyone who wants to start raising cattle. Here I am, I'm getting started.   

Thank You!

Eric Portaning.


"A Well Researched Guide"

After reading over your ebook I can say this is a well researched guide to raising cattle and is a great personal reference to anyone who wants to start cattle farming.

I grow up with a farming background but had no real education on cattle farming, so I decided to research a little on the internet on how to grow healthy cattle.

I came along your website and did not think twice but bought your ebook. What I've read so far is pure gold information and I like the colour pictures as well because I'm a visual person.

I also have checked out the resources you provide and have already made friends with other cattle farmers which help me share ideas and experience with. I'll also be in touch with you.

Thank You!

Katie Weiss.


"Thanks For Your Research"

Hi Gerard,

I'm writing to you today to thank you for the research and experience you have put in this report. You have saved me so much time in researching all this in the internet all by my self.

Your ebook offers a lot of guidelines in raising cattle that I know just what to do next. The color photographs make it easy to visualize on the breeds and different important aspects to focus on.

And for such a low price its a total burgen for my pocket. I'm glad I got a copy of your ebook.

Thank You!

Chris Markson.


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When it comes to farming healthy cattle the best pastures, viewed from the standpoint of production, are those grown on lands that may be irrigated during the season of growth. These consist of clover and certain grasses.

Permanent pastures which are grown on moist land, and which contain a number of grasses, are usually satisfactory, but the nature of the pasture must, of course, be largely determined by the attendant conditions. Blue grass pastures are excellent while succulent and abundant, but in midsummer they lose their succulence for weeks in succession.

The change from winter rations to grazing should never be suddenly made, or purging caused by the fresh grass will lead to loss in weight and loss of milk, though at first there will probably be an advance in the same. 


"Your Ebook Was A Wise Investment"

Hi Gerard,

I'm sending you this email today because I just got reminded again why your ebook has been my cattle farmings help guide. One of my cattle had contracted some disease and I just did not know what it was. My helper had no clue what it was as well.

I then remembered your ebook "How To Raise Cattle", found the folder I had saved it in, then read it. And there it was, the treatment I was looking for.

Your ebook told me of the symptoms and the treatment, and it worked. This is the second time I got guidance from your ebook. It has saved me so much time in researching for the solution on the internet.

Your ebook was a wise investment, I'm so glad I took the decision to get myself a copy. This ebook has lived up to it when it comes to the raising of healthy catttle.

Thank You!

Benny Boble.


Nothing, Absolutely Nothing, Is Left Out!

Cattle must be allowed exercise, even in winter. They should be allowed to go out daily for an hour or more into a sheltered yard, save on days when the weather is extreme; or, better still, be given the liberty of a closed and well-ventilated shed during a portion of the day. It should be supplied with a fodder rack.

In summer, cows in milk must be protected from storms, from excessive sunshine, and from flies, as far as this may be practicable.

And when it come to cattle farming this is the only guide that covers every aspect of raising healthy cattle. Its a complete guide to being a successful cattle farmer. So if you want to raise healthy cattle, make sure you have this ebook for guidance and reference!


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P.S. The cow is generally healthy and if fed, stabled and cared for properly she will seldom be ill. When a cow is sick, provide clean, comfortable quarters, with plenty of bedding and let her lie down. If weather is cold, cover her with a blanket. If you don't know how to take care of your cattle they will definitely die, with this ebook you will get all guidelines to taking care of your cattle.

P.P.S A healthy cow has a good appetite, the muzzle is moist, the eye bright, coat is smooth, the horns are warm, breathing is regular, the milk is given in good quantities and the process of rumination is constant soon after eating and this ebook will show you just how you too can raise healthy cattle.

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How to Raise Healthy Cattle

How to Raise Calves

How to Proper Feed My Cattle

How to Milk My Cattle

How to Treat My Cattle Diseases

How to Raise Cattle For Profits


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