Tricks to teach your horse

Did you realize that you can likewise teach horses tricks? Horse training also involves trick training. The experience can be enjoyable for both the trainer and the horse. There are occasions when the typical training routine gets boring. You can amuse yourself by teaching your horse neat tricks.

How to be Ashamed

Your horse should already be employed to a halter and lead by now. Let your horse stand in the stall, near the fence, or the aisle. Acquired a carrot and conceal it behind your back but turn around a little so that your horse can see it. Then let him know ‘shame on you'. Make your horse lower his head. When be obeys, you will now be able to provide him the carrot. Duplicate this for about five times each day until he finally has it. Make your tone a scolding one.

Saying ‘No' by Head Shake

When an insect bites your horse, you will realize that he shakes his head. Horses have short attention span and so you should make the lessons quick and simple. You can teach this trick when your horse is relaxed and standing still.

Acquired a nail and stand on your horse's left side. Prick the horse near his withers but make it light, similar to the bite of a fly. Experiment on the pricking until you find the appropriate spot where your horse shakes his head. When he shakes his head, provide him a gift or a pat. Praise your horse. Put your horse away and after an hour, repeat the procedure but this moment, ask an enquiry that requires a no answer. Again, you must consider your voice tone when asking the question; replicate this for a few times.

Keep on repeating but this moment use your whip as a cue; you can still use the nail for pricking when your horse does not shake. Eventually, he will learn the cue when he sees the whip and shake his head.


You can likewise teach your horse to say yes by nodding. Again, you will have to have a nail to teach this trick. Refresh the ‘no' trick before you commence teaching this new trick. Take the nail and prick your horse lightly on the chest. When the horse bites, it indicates that you're pricking him too hard. The first reaction of the horse is to pull his head down to bite the fly. Praise your horse when he moves his head downwards. Find the right spot where you are able to get a close response from your horse. Keep repeating this procedure.

Allow your horse to rest and then do an identical thing but this moment, ask an enquiry that requires a ‘yes' answer. Get the whip and employ it in place of the nail. Use the nail if the horse doesn't respond. As you persist with repeating the lessons, on the cue of the whip, your horse will bend his head downwards.

How to Smile

Horses look funny when they smile. You can likewise teach them how to smile. Remove the halter and lead and let him stand by the fence or in the stall. Place an item which smells strange to the horse like an onion or ammonia near his nostrils, then say ‘smile'. Repeat this action until you've removed the ammonia or onion. Eventually, your horse will smile when you touch his muzzle.

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