How to Train a Spooky Horse

Even when you are already a horse trainer, you shouldn't stop learning about horses. Wild horses are not used to human presence. It can be very difficult to train them in particular when you lack patience and determination. Training a spooky horse is challenging but if you're up to it, a wild horse is invariably awaiting you.

If you posses the right attitude and skills, you can train a wild horse even if it takes a while. You must be prepared for possible injuries because a wild horse can be hugely spooky. For your training, try to put together a schedule – say a year or two. But it still depends in your horse's learning ability and you skill in training as well.

How will you commence the training program?

Wild horses are unique from bred ones. The bred horses are already used to humans while the former is petrified of humans.

Before you commence the training program, you should gain the trust of your spooky horse. This is invariably the first task that you require to attain as a trainer. You cannot possibly a train a horse which doesn't believe in your abilities. It would be preferable to keep the spooky horse in a little pen. Visit him everyday and feed him. Observe your horse. When he doesn't flee when you feed him, take it as a sign and the following day, go inside the pen. Approach your horse slowly and rub his body. You can also use a brush to rub against his hair.

When your horse is already used to your presence and he recognizes you, you are now able to introduce a halter. This may take time. Just carry the halter and the lead on every occasion you go to your horse. Let him smell and scrutinize the objects you're carrying. Put the rope under his neck and see if you can attach the halter and the lead. Leave the halter on while you're inside the pen. When you leave, take it off again.

Once your horse is already comfortable wearing the halter, do other things. You can pick his hooves, brush him, and lead him to various places. At first, your horse could be scared but later, he will acclimatize to it.

Now, it's time to introduce the saddle. Get him inside the pen and let him smell it. When he's already acquainted with the saddle, attach it to his back. Make sure that the girth is tied a sufficient amount; and not too tightly. For a couple of days, let your horse walk with the saddle in place. Remember to place the bit in your horse's mouth.

After a while, try to ride your horse but ensure that someone's around in case your horse reacts violently. Ride him inside the pen until he is already used to carrying you around. Try executing cues while inside the pen like stop, become the right, to the left, turn around, etc.

You has to be in line with the training program as a way for your spooky horse to learn. Here is a tip – never force a wild horse to act he is not prepared to do. If you carry on pushing him, he won't ever learn. Earn your horse's trust first and after that, training will be a lot smoother.

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