Horse training methods

Horsemen often brag about their horses having ‘the feel'. What it's all about anyway? You will establish later as soon as you have learned about horse lead training.

Training your horse to puts on a halter and the lead may take a little while. Most horses don't like human presence specially the older ones. As a consequence of this, lots of people prefer to train young horses. Lead training is important and your horse should possess ‘the feel'. When your horse does not require any tugging on the lead and automatically follows you when you walk, of course your horse has this trait. The rider and the horse should act simultaneously. Simple body language is sufficient for the horse to understand what you mean. A slight tug on the rope is sufficient to get your horse moving.

Perhaps you've already seen horse-keeper who always pull and tug the lead but their horse won't budge. This suggests that the horse don't possess the necessary quality. If you constantly pull and tug the lead, the tendency of the horse is to fight back or resent your presence.

The question now is – how can you lead train your horse?

Stand on the left side of your horse, near the neck area. Hold the rope and point to a certain direction. Your horse will be made awre of what's going to take place next. As soon as you point to a certain direction, tap the rope, and step. This will already the horse to move as you have got his attention. Walk a couple of steps and prevent. Allow your horse to think of what happened. Repeat this process.

As you persist in repeating the same procedure, your horse will come to terms with it and you no longer require to tap the rope. When you point, your horse will automatically move.

This action should only be performed if the horse is already familiar with your presence. If you try this with a new horse, he might jump at you. Allow him to acknowledge your presence. Generate trust and trust first so that you can work smoothly together.

How you feel are absorbed by the horse easily. Prior to extracting a response from your horse, you should present the suitable feeling. You ought to think about your wants and the response of your horse. With these issues in mind, your horse can simply make amends for your notions.

Here's a really good example. If you would like your horse to turn left ( accepting that you are already riding your horse), you must think about it. Look to the left and move your system as if you are looking at the left. When the horse feels your system movement, he will automatically turn to the direction you want even without tapping. You should possess confidence so that the horse can believe in your abilities. It's natural for horses to respond negatively too confusing thoughts and it can be hazardous now and then especially when you're riding. You should show firmness when you're coping with horses but you should not be cruel.

Being soft and careful when handling your horse is important. You cannot in effect train your horse if you are concerned that it may kick you. Think positively and learn the language of your horse. This is the direction to having ‘the feel' of your horse. Some horses don't possess this quality and they can be very hard to get on with.

But don't quit easily. If you know many horse training techniques, you can try them to your advantage.

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