Books on horse training

There are lots of informational resources that you can use to learn horse training. One of these info sources is horse training books. Check out the hottest training books out on the market today.

1. First Aid for Horses by Eleanor Kellon – when you're training horses, it is essential to know about first aid. You might never know when an accident or a wound is going to take place. You must find out about proper splinting methods and proper horse care. That way, when a serious event situation arises, you will have an idea of what to do. This book provides gradual guide that are concise and easy to figure out. The pages are color-coded so that you can easily find the facts you need.

2. Become Perfect Partners (Kelly Marks) – every horse trainer wants to be the horse's perfect partner. This book can help you in identifying toxic plants from safe-to-eat plants. The book comprises an organized list of plants like ferns, vines, shrubs, trees, wildflowers, weeds, horsetails, and grasses. Clear pictures are supplied for easy identification when you're in the outdoors.

3. Winning at Halter (Denny Hassett) – Hassett is champion in handling halter horses. In this book, you will learn the secrets to feeding, grooming, fitting, and training. Whether you're joining congress or world halter competitions, this book will be of great use to you. The book also comprises colored and detailed photos that demonstrate the methods.

4. Horse Owner's Field Guide to Toxic Plants (Sandra Burger) – this book is a dead ringer for ‘Become Perfect Partners'. You can preserve the book in your barn's medical cabinet or you can likewise take it with you when you're at the outdoors.

5. Complete Plans for Building Horse Barns Big and Small (Mary Harcourt and Nancy Ambroisiano) – if you are started as a horse trainer, you likely want to lower your costs in building the horse barns. Well, you can use this book as a guide to building the ideal barn for your horse. The book comprises instructions on how to build simple barns to sheds. The book will also teach you about the proper barns to build depending on the local climate, zoning requirements, and function. You will also be guided on site selection, preparation, planning, the right materials to use, and finally, the construction.

6. 101 Dressage Workouts (Jean Aristotle Ballou) – equestrians all over the globe are interested in purchasing this book. This book provides a gradual guide on how carry out the dressage exercises. This sort of exercise is less hazardous and strenuous on behalf of the horse. It also provides training hints for dressage riders.

7. Conformation and Performance (Nancy Loving) – according to this book, the performance of each
horse depends on his conformation. The various features of each horse are talked over well in the book. It also provides info on the proper training schemes to use and the performance consequences.

8. Bringing Up Baby (John Lyons) – this is a good book for horse trainers handling young horses. You will find out about the basic principles of horse training such as building trust and confidence. The instructions are in addition to photos for better understanding of the readers. Lessons such as haltering, clipping, bathing, catching, tying, leading, and longeing are included in the book.

These are the hottest horse training books sold on the market today. You can purchase the books from web based shops and in your local bookstores. Have any of the books now.

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